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The National Museum of Australia is the place where we come together to share stories of our unique and distinctive nation, to be part of a national conversation.

In 2011, we are creating a storywall to capture, celebrate and reflect on the experiences of the past year.

There is an onsite storywall at the Museum in Acton, Canberra, but if you can’t make it to the Museum in person you can share your story here at the online storywall.

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"Moving in to a new house.", posted by FeeB

"I lost a parent and felt like a young child but found the strength to support the one left behind.", posted by js

"Arrival of another Grandchild. Yea!", posted by an onsite storywall contributor

"Hugging my very best school friend after 20 years!!!", posted by Mrs Z

"i got engaged", posted by happy

"We have enjoyed seeing the landscape spring into life after years of drought with welcome sights such as frogs and dragonflies in our garden", posted by Harold

"Two family weddings, the return of my son to Australia after 41/2years with a new wifeand a 30th wedding anniversary xmas week. ", posted by Linda P

"Having the Queen, President of USA and Danish Royals visit this wonderful city in which we live. What a year!!", posted by Brighteyes

"Breaking my leg and learning so much from my friend who has a permanent disability.", posted by an onsite storywall contributor

"A wonderful week in France at a cooking course", posted by an onsite storywall contributor

"Retired from work. Trip to Europe and US. New (old) house, new town, new bloke, new life. A great year for me!", posted by Julia (not the PM)

"In August my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and, after a mastectomy, is enduring 12 months of chemo, radio and hormone therapy. ", posted by Gwynneth

"This year I bought my dream car.", posted by dreams

"Travelled around Australia for 10 months and did nearly 40,000 kms. We have the best country in the world!", posted by an onsite storywall contributor

"Got married.", posted by berto

"Preparing, sitting through and cleaning up after Cyclone Yasi! ", posted by A M

"2011 has been about endings ..end of a relationship and job.Also, new beginnings...a new job, look & relationship! ", posted by Bev

"our 2011 story was the museum's story - great working with the NMA on the identity!", posted by gen.a

"This year I completed uni and started my first full time job! Things can only get better :) ", posted by Next_page

"The year I became awesome at everything.... true story", posted by Dragon